Study in Canada

About Canada

It is considered to be one of the best countries to live because of its peace, serenity, and safe environment. Three Canadian cities namely, Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary fall under the list of “10 Most Livable Cities in the World”. Canada homes one of the most advanced and growing industrial hubs. Its economy is considered the most stable in the world. A small population in a vast, resource-rich, and technically advanced country channelize a need for skilled professionals and a high employment rate. Canada is said to be the most accommodative country encouraging multi-cultural diversity. Canada has official bilingual status, wherein both English and French are used concurrently in the official documents. It is also known for its harsh winters. Canada has a combination of excellent educational institutions, an innovative economy, a tolerant and safe culture, and extraordinary beauty.

Why Study in Canada

  • Canada is counted among the best international study destinations in the world.
  • Canadian universities emphasize more on research and technology.
  • The most popular provinces to study are British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec. They head nearly all the top universities in the world.
  • International students also enjoy the same freedom and social benefit as those offered to Canadian citizens.
  • Canada has a hassle-free visa application process.
  • High possibility of getting paid internships and umpteen on-campus as well as off-campus job opportunities. Students are eligible to work off-campus without a work permit for up to 20 hours per week and full time during vacation.
  • Students receive up to 3 years of work visa post completion of the course. Within these three years, a student can also apply for permanent residency.
  • The Canadian degree is valued worldwide.
  • The cost of education in Canada is less compared to other foreign universities.
  • Most Canadian universities offer scholarships for various courses in undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate levels.
  • The faculty at the university is highly professional and renowned.
  • The university in Canada are highly equipped with modern facilities that inspire innovation, progress, and forward-thinking.

Qualifying Exams:


Cost of Education:

The cost of education in Canada comprises tuition fees, living costs, and insurance. The course fees vary depending upon the university, location, citizenship, and level of study.

Sr. No. Particulars Average of Cost Living per annum (CA$)
1. Cost of Living 10,000 – 15,000
2. Undergraduate Diploma or Degree Courses 14,000 – 26,000
3. Postgraduate Diploma or Degree Courses 14,000 – 22,000

High Ranked Universities
University of Waterloo
University of Victoria
University of Guelph
Dalhousie University
Memorial University of Newfoundland