Study in Czech Republic

About the Czech Republic:

The Czech Republic is renowned for its colorful and vibrant culture. It is located in central Europe, intertwined with the historical legacy of the European empire and lifestyle. It has established the structure of foreign relations. It has s developed and high-income economy.

Why Study in the Czech Republic:

  • The Czech Republic has world-class and modern universities and colleges.
  • The universities and colleges in the Czech Republic offer interesting specializations courses of international standard.
  • The Czech Republic provides affordable living and reasonable education costs compared to other countries.
  • The education institutions in the Czech Republic offer contemporary and forward-thinking programs to its students.
  • The Czech Republic imparts high-quality education and research.

Qualifying Exams:


Cost of Education:

The cost of education in Czech Republic comprises tuition fees, living costs, and insurance. The course fees vary depending upon the university, location, citizenship, and level of study.

Sr. No. Particulars Average of Cost Living per annum (Euro)
1. Undergraduate Program Tuition Fees 1,000
2. Master’s Program Tuition Fees 1,500

Popular Universities
Czech Technical University, Prague