Study in Poland

About Poland

Poland boasts its incredible history and architecture. It provides a mixture of cultures solidified in its architecture, art, and cuisine. It has its history visible on every corner of historic cities. Poland has warm summers and cold winters including heavy snow. The culture has a blend of both eastern and western influences.

Why Study in Poland

  • Poland has a plethora of educational institutions that offer a variety of courses in diversified fields.
  • The average cost of studying in Poland is almost two times lower than in other Nordic countries.
  • Most of the universities in Poland provide accommodation facilities to international students.

  • Poland provides better security to international students.
  • Poland is the home to some of the renowned universities in the world.
  • Polish institutions have tie-ups with many noted organizations and universities of the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States.
  • Poland offers a lot of job prospects to international students.

Qualifying Exams:

  • PTE
  • SAT for Bachelor’s Degree
  • ACT for Bachelor’s Degree
  • GMAT for pursuing MBA
  • GRE for any Master’s Degree

Cost of Education:

The cost of education in Poland comprises tuition fees, living costs, and insurance. The course fees vary depending upon the university, location, citizenship, and level of study.

Sr. No. Particulars Average of Cost Living per annum (Euro)
1. Tuition Fees 9,000 – 1,00,000
2. Cost of Living 200 - 400

Popular Universities
Vistula University, Warszawa