Study in Sweden

About Sweden

Sweden is said to be an innovative country with an excellent standard of living. It is eminent for its education and research aspect. Sweden positions itself high on sustainable development which is reflected in its education system. The magnificent natural landscapes enhance the natural beauty of the country. Sweden has over 4,000 natural reserves including diverse and enormous forests, beaches and snow-capped mountains. Along with splendid natural landscapes, Sweden has many leisure activities like skiing, hiking, swimming, fishing, and many more.

Why Study in Sweden

  • Sweden boasts some of the worlds’ esteem universities.
  • Sweden is well-adapted to the needs of international students.
  • The education system in Sweden encourages innovative ideas and a new way of thinking.
  • The universities in Sweden focus on teamwork and cooperation.
  • Sweden universities imbibe an open learning environment.
  • It is a fun, exciting and dynamic country that enables the students into critical thinking.
  • Sweden possesses huge multinationals per capita of any country in the world.
  • Many universities proffer their student's internships which helps the students to build a strong international network.
  • The most unique feature about Sweden is that it has no legal limit of working hours for its international students.
  • Sweden promotes a culture full of diversity and equality. At the same time, it also provides a conducive environment for international students.

Qualifying Exams:

  • TOEFL 
  • (Not Mandatory in some universities)

Cost of Education:

The cost of education in Sweden comprises tuition fees, living costs, and insurance. The course fees vary depending upon the university, location, citizenship, and level of study.

Sr. No. Particulars Average of Cost Living per annum(Euro)
1. Tuition Fees 8,000 – 13,000
2. Cost of Living 10,200 – 11,640

Popular Universities
Uppsala University
University of Skovde
Halmstad University
Jonkoping University
Dalarna University